Here are some useful informations about Green-bot Premium

Green-bot's main features are free but you need to vote for some commands that uses more CPU power than the others. You can bypass the vote-locks and access to some exclusive features with the premium.

Premium perks

  • Access to 3 new premium bots with advanced 24/7

  • Bypass cooldowns and do an unlimited number of commands per second

  • Bypass need-vote commands for all bots.

  • Set a default volume for the bot so you don't need to change it everytime

  • Set a default track announcement channel

  • Access to autoplay that automaticaly plays songs based on your previous songs and autoautoplay

  • Remove duplicate songs and songs from users who left the channel.

  • Access to new music filters ( karaoke, speed, pitch... )

  • Create more than 5 playlists

  • Cool role in our Official Discord Server to show how awesome you are

You can unlock all these perks with the Guild premium tier. You can have it for 2.50$ per month or 27$ per year!

You can get the premium here:

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