The bot prefix
By default, Green-bot's prefix is set to * You can already use the bot mention or green as a prefix.

What is a prefix ?

It's the character to execute commands. You can customize it with the setprefix command.

How to execute a command ?

To execute a command, first write the prefix and then the command name.
Example: green help

Commands arguments

Some commands may require arguments. But what are they ?
When you do green play music , music is the argument
There must be a space between the command name and the arguments
On the command list, the arguments are between hooks such as [] or <> .
If an argument is surrounded in <> that means that it's required for the commands function.
If it's surrounded in [ ] that means it's completely optional or is based on previous arguments given to run the command.
Example of command with arguments:
Play usage: green play <song/ Url>
How to use: green play faded alan walker
To get the command list, you can do the help command
You now know how to use commands 🎉
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